Custom Food Products

Villarina’s Italian pasta and Fine Foods is an approved manufacturer of high quality, preservative-free italian foods and is the natural choice in offering your customers the absolute finest italian foods and sauces available.

Villarina’s state of the art production facilities make us uniquely physics ia ideas capable of providing superior private label prepared foods and pastas to country markets, supermarkets and gourmet food stores throughout the New England, New York, and now Texas markets.

With the high quality ingredients, Villarinas products have a proven track record of attracting new customers and increasing sales. That is why Villarina’s Pasta and Fine Foods is one of the fastest growing food manufacturers in the Northeast.

Villarina’s Custom Food Products are made with a staff of chefs and pasta makers with over a combined experience of 60 years. These chefs utilize old fashion foods and recipes keeping our products tasting fresh whether you eat it right after it is prepared or even weeks later! Villarina’s has used the same recipes and techniques since before the format of writing a good term paper prepared food market gained popularity, making Villarina’s a trustworthy source for Italian pasta’s, prepared meals and famous sauces!